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The man who famously raged against the McMahon machine in The Attitude Era sat down to talk to about the guy playing his role in a new age. His answers often work in and out of kayfabe, and may provide some insight into where the current story is going.

An interesting article over on credited to Anthony Benigno and Joey Styles lays out all the obvious comparisons between the Daniel Bryan versus Chief Operating Officer (COO) HHH program currently dominating WWE's shows and storylines, and the Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Chairman Vince McMahon one that was so instrumental in the company's victory in the Monday Night Wars a decade ago.

Under a kayfabe-y guise of going to Austin for his take on the situation and the players, it provides another example of how Stone Cold's such an elite name in the history of the business that just putting his name on an article about an angle gives it more weight.  And while the writing does its job of putting over the story, Bryan and his COO nemesis, there are also some interesting quotes that could be viewed in and out of character - from one technically great wrestler who didn't have the look we all believe the McMahon family wants to another.

The legend advises a guy he routinely calls "young Daniel Bryan" that "he must maintain his clarity and his focus and not get lost in all of it and lose confidence in himself."  Sounds like good advice.  Austin takes it a little further in saying,

With all these corporate shenanigans going on, he has to stay true to himself.  Whether he gets the title back or overthrows the regime, that'll come out in the wash. He must remember to stay focused about who Daniel Bryan is: A fiery competitor who loves the business and continues to make a name for himself; the guy who [supposedly] didn't have the ‘It' factor, wasn't big enough, wasn't good-looking enough. ... He's gotta stay the course and prove that - yes - he's all that and more.

The Rattlesnake also has some comments about Hunter that could be taken in context of the story we're watching on Monday and Friday nights, the real world of the publicly traded company out of Stamford, CT or both.

I think the guy loves the business enough that he didn't want just any hand in it, he wanted to be at the top and planned his ascent accordingly. I think he was looking way farther down the road than a lot of guys do.

In a straight storyline bit that should provide some fun fodder for conversation in the internet wrestling community, what with all the War Games rumors and the teasing of the involvement of The Big Show, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and others as Bryan's allies against The Game and Randy Orton, Austin cautions DB against expecting help from the locker room.  And he thinks the boys in the back should stay out of it.  "This is one guy against Triple H and the regime," said the host of Redneck Island and his own excellent podcast.  "This is Daniel Bryan's moment to shine and so I think that he needs to focus on that. The locker room needs to let him focus on that so he can prove himself to that locker room."

Definitely check out the whole piece on the site.  And let us know what you think...Could this be as big as Austin vs. McMahon?  What should DB or creative do differently to have the best shot at blowing up like that version did?

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