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Should the HHH Regime have a name?

We want your thoughts on a name for the new McMahon/HHH/Randy Orton supergroup currently inflicting their will on WWE. Choose from between the obvious, our personal favorites or suggest one of your own.

WWE has danced around the question, punnily asking via their website if The Corporation has undergone an Evolution. But if we're going to have this as the main angle for the next several months, it is essential that we address the issue - what should we call the faction that has been abusing Daniel Bryan and flexing their fascist muscle over the rest of the WWE roster the last several weeks?

The obvious choices are staring us in the face, and have already been thrown around comment sections, podcasts and articles since this was still all speculation before SummerSlam. The Corporate Evolution, The Corporation Evolved, Corporation 2.0, etc, etc. And maybe simple and obvious is the best way to go about it.

Some have gotten a little more creative with it. Nick Bond suggested The Better for Business Bureau in his excellent piece on HHH's long-term character development as wrestler and executive (all while comparing the new group to the Guild of Calamitous Intent from The Venture Bros., which counts as sticking the landing in my book). This writer proposed the super-meta THIS BUSINESS-AH in my post about the new kayfabe inspired by the creation of the group.

Maybe you have some better ideas of your own?

Or do you think the "Reality Era" deserves to have their evil power group go without a name? That the real-life corporation, WWE, is what Bryan and like-minded babyfaces are fighting, and that slapping a name - no matter how hipsterishly ironic - would cheapen the whole thing?

Vote in our poll below, and have some fun in the comments explaining your vote or suggesting better alternatives. They probably won't listen to us, but that's why we're cheering the beard in the first place, right?

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