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Video: Ryback doesn't like bullies or, the best Tout you'll ever see

So here's the best Tout you'll ever see. Ryback really, really dislikes bullies.

WWE on Instagram

Not long after Paul Heyman was wheeled out to the stage on Monday Night Raw tonight (Sept. 16, 2013) in Cleveland, Ohio, by his new "Guy", Ryback, to explain their actions at Night of Champions last night -- CM Punk bullied Heyman and Ryback hates bullies -- WWE sent out a Tout via its Twitter account that could very well be the greatest thing you'll ever see, at least via Tout.

Check it:

More of this, please. Ryback was already trending up with his recent bully character but going the troll route is even better. Step aside, Curtis Axel, someone interesting has come along.

You can check out full Raw results and the live blog by clicking here.

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