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Report: Jim Ross retirement wasn't entirely his decision

According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, Jim Ross's retirement wasn't necessarily entirely his own decision. If true, it's not all that surprising.

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Earlier today, announced that Jim Ross, the former blow-by-blow commentator and lead announcer for WWE, had retired from the company. No reason was given, other than the article saying he would be focusing instead on his personal business endeavors.

As of this writing, Ross has yet to publicly comment on the matter, which seems a bit strange.

It may not be, as it turns out. That's because Ross's decision wasn't entirely his own, according to a report from the Wrestling Observer. Indeed, he apparently met with WWE Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon recently to discuss his future with the company and it was there that the decision was made that he would retire.

J.R.'s future was reportedly uncertain after the WWE 2K14 Symposium that took place over the SummerSlam weekend nearly a full month ago.

The event, featuring a panel of past and present WWE superstars, was hosted by Ross, who was to act as moderator and emcee throughout the evening. However, Ric Flair, as he is wont to do, hijacked the proceedings and made several remarks that WWE management felt were unflattering to the company.

Flair was subsequently pulled from future engagements related to the video game, not to mention a planned surprise appearance at SummerSlam, something he later protested on the Steve Austin Show. He thought it was all innocent.

So did Ross, who defended himself on Twitter in the days after the Symposium. According to the report, however, WWE felt Ross should have reigned Flair in when he started going off the rails.

Now both Flair and Ross are gone.

An interesting note here is a quote from Ross late in the Symposium when Flair was going off:

"You can also say this wasn't rehearsed. This was real, this was reality television at its best. I've lost complete control of my job. I'm sure I'll never be asked back and this has probably destroyed what career I have left."

Your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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