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John Cena injury: Torn tricep to keep him out 4-to-6 months

On tonight's (Aug. 19, 2013) episode of "Monday Night Raw", John Cena revealed to the WWE Universe that his elbow injury is due to a torn tricep and he will be out for four-to-six months after surgery.

As noted earlier today (Aug. 19, 2013), John Cena would be taking an extended hiatus to deal with an elbow injury. On tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw in Anaheim, the man himself cut a promo explaining his situation and telling us exactly how long he'll be gone.

The news isn't good: He's got a torn tricep that will require surgery that will keep him out of action for four-to-six months.

This comes on the heels of the news that Sheamus will be out just as long after he suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery. That's really rough news for WWE considering the timing couldn't be worse. Monday Night Football begins in just a few weeks and the company will be without two of its top stars for the entire NFL season.

It's hard enough going up against pro football; doing so without Cena could mean slaughter in the ratings every week.

Still, this gives Cena time to rest up and get his body right for his return, which will come just as the promotion is gearing up for WrestleMania XXX next year. It's doubtful they'll hold off on bringing him back until the Royal Rumble, but at least it's an option, and a good one at that.

Now let's see how they get through the winter without the biggest star in the industry. And hey, at least Cena got to SummerSlam last night to give a huge rub to Daniel Bryan before leaving. He also put him over again tonight on Raw, so he didn't leave before crowning a new top babyface.

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