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Del Rio's SummerSlam appearance the result of a shoot fight with Drew McIntyre

According to Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer, the banged up mug the World Heavyweight Champion was sporting tonight at SummerSlam was the result of a real fight involving Drew McIntyre.

Most fans watching tonight (August 18th)'s pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast of WWE SummerSlam noticed that the World Heavyweight Champion (WHC) Alberto Del Rio came out for his title defense against Christian with a nasty-looking shiner and a generally banged up face.

Well, reports from the best source for this sort of thing, Dave Meltzer and The Wrestling Observer, say that that's because of some real-life extracurricular activity:

The black eye Del Rio wil come out with and all the bruises on his face were the result of a fight either last night or today. Apparently Del Rio and Drew McIntyre ended up a big fight, I think with other people, and as far as what happened I don't know other than both were all beaten up when they showed up back at the hotel.

His win tonight probably means that there isn't any heat on the champ...yet.  McIntyre, on the other hand, is obviously not in the same position with the company.  He has also been involved in this kind of shoot funny business in the past, that time definitely between he and another employee (his now ex-wife, TNA's Taryn Terrell) and was rumored to have been punished on-screen and behind the scenes as a result.

There will certainly be more on this, and Cageside Seats will have updates for you as we get them.

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