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Sheamus surgery on injured shoulder a success

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Sheamus, who will miss 4-6 months after suffering a shoulder injury, had successful surgery to repair the damage. He's now on the road to recovery.

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One week ago, Sean Rueter brought word that WWE superstar Sheamus would miss the next four-to-six months after injuring his shoulder at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) back in July, an injury bad enough to require surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation process. Amazingly enough, it would mark the first time in his life the longtime veteran would go under the knife.

First time's the charm ... or something like that.

Indeed, the man himself passed along word on his Twitter account as he live tweeted the lead up to and aftermath of the first surgery of his life:

As Sean noted in his initial report, this could be exactly the shot in the arm Sheamus' needs to reinvigorate a character many fans feel has grown rather stale over the past few months. His recovery time lines up perfectly for a surprise return at the Royal Rumble, too.

Stay tuned.

Either way, the first hurdle has been overcome and now he's well on his way to climbing back in a WWE ring to do what he does best. We wish him well in his time of recovery.