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Briscoes attend WWE house show; have yet to sign contract with company

The Briscoe brothers were in attendance at a WWE house show recently and that has led to speculation on their contract status with the company. According to reports, however, they have yet to sign a deal.

Steve Wright Jr. from Conway

As my colleague Keith Harris noted back on June 26, the Briscoe brothers, Jay and Mark, left Ring of Honor (ROH) after being written out of storylines with kayfabed injuries. Jay, the promotion's world champion at the time, was stripped of his belt and a tournament has been announced to crown a new king.

Michael Elgin, Briand Kendrick, Karl Anderson, Kevin Steen, and Paul London have all already been announced for said tournament.

Meanwhile, the Briscoes were in attendance at a WWE house show in Ocean City, Maryland, last night (Sat., July 6, 2013), which has led to all the natural speculation that they may or may not have reached a deal with the company that has flirted with signing them for a couple years now.

According to, no deal is currently in place and it's entirely possible the brothers were simply enjoying the show after getting tickets from friends within WWE. But it's also possible that their sitting front row was not an accident and there could be something more to it.

There just isn't right now.

For their part, the powers that be in ROH are hoping the Briscoes return and, in fact, have made plans for as much if no deal is reached with any other companies. There have been reports that some within WWE are no longer as interested as they were in the past thanks to those homophobic tweets Jay sent out not long ago.

The thought, even before those tweets, is that the Briscoes personalities are such that they're simply a public relations nightmare waiting to happen.

Still, they're talented and one of the most over tag teams, despite not working as such for some time now, in the independent wrestling scene. There's certainly a place for them on the WWE roster.

Stay tuned.

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