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Linda McMahon's cash helps the Connecticut GOP forgive and forget

Daniela Altimari of the Hartford Courant has reported that Linda McMahon is still active politically in her home state, donating generously to the Republican Party and even advising local GOP chairman Jerry Labriola Jr.

Like a political common cold, Linda McMahon won't go away
Like a political common cold, Linda McMahon won't go away
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You would think that after being hammered in two consecutive Senate elections despite spending $100 million on her dirt filled campaigns that Linda McMahon would be a Republican pariah. But money has a way of making people forgive and forget.

Indeed, Daniela Altimari of the Hartford Courant has reported that Mrs. Moneybags is still active politically in her home state and is even advising local GOP chairman Jerry Labriola Jr.

Thankfully, however, she's sticking to her vow of not running for political office again, though given her carny background one wonders whether she'll keep that promise long term.

Yes, there had been rumours that Linda was planning a challenge to Democrat U.S. Rep. Jim Himes in 2014, but political analyst Gary L. Rose discounted them due to it being beneath her, saying that "she would like a larger stage than the House of Representatives", but added that she enjoyed being a candidate and "she knows there's some type of role for her.'' Maybe a Blumenthal vs. McMahon rematch isn't completely out of the question in 2016 then?

In the article, Labriola Jr. was back to singing the lovely Linda's praises, after distancing himself from the queen of WWE in the immediate aftermath of her second resounding defeat:

"She's had every reason, after the outcome of her two races, to disappear, but she's done just the opposite. She's been active and helpful and I know she's dedicated to our party making a strong comeback in Connecticut. She wants to work behind the scenes to make Connecticut a better place. She's been a strong financial contributor. She's a leading figure in our party and I'm quite confident she would make herself available to help our candidates."

The question is does Jerry genuinely value her opinion or is he just flattering her ego to milk more moola from the naive money mark?

If it's the latter, then it's certainly been successful, as Linda has donated $10,000 to the Republican State Central Committee since the beginning of 2013 and also gave $19,800 to the National Republican Congressional Committee in May. But how will another measly $30,000 hurt, when you're already nine figures into the red?

All that dosh she's spent didn't buy her a Senate seat, but it did nab her the prime spot at the annual Prescott Bush fundraising dinner in May and has given her the opportunity to co-host a $100-per-person fundraiser for Republican First Selectman Timothy M. Herbst of Trumbull next month, so she's still rubbing shoulders with all the local GOP bigwigs.

Through her spokesperson, Kate Duffy, Linda McMahon admitted that she hadn't kicked her political addiction just yet:

"I am continuing to work with Republican Party officials in Connecticut, helping the state's GOP candidates with fundraising and outreach in an effort to get more diverse representation. One-party rule is clearly not working for our state."

Her husband Vince has better hope against hope that she doesn't get the bug again to run for a third time for Senate then!

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