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Filed under: gets it right with Bray Wyatt story is an interesting destination and sometimes the editorial staff gets it terribly right, as is the case with an in-storyline article on Bray Wyatt. is an interesting destination for all things WWE, as the staff is often tasked with mixing kayfabe stories with in-storyline articles and breaking news updates that are completely legitimate. For instance, they did an outstanding interview with Dolph Ziggler completely breaking kayfabe to discuss his concussion history, then turned around and reported an injury suffered by Randy Orton that he downplayed by telling his Twitter followers not to believe the Internet.

Sometimes, though, the company website gets it terribly right, as happened with an article that went live today (July 19) breaking down Bray Wyatt's promo on Monday Night Raw and connecting the dots to Kane, something many of you Cagesiders did almost immediately.

An excerpt:

"They've been lying to you, man. There ain't no such thing as a hero, not anymore. But you ... have become addicted to the illusion of what a hero is. ... You think you need someone to pat you on the back."

By dismissing heroism off the bat, could Wyatt have been zeroing in on Kane's apparent interest in maintaining a fan-friendly image of late? The "pat on the back," meanwhile, could refer to Kane seeking approval from either his peers (e.g., Bryan) or the WWE Universe more broadly. should feature content like this far more often.

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