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Upcoming WWE taping schedule for Raw and SmackDown

WWE is set to embark on two separate overseas tours and that means the taping schedule is getting thrown out of whack. Here's an update on what to expect next week.

WWE is about to embark on two separate tours overseas for the Raw brand, which is going to Australia, and the SmackDown brand, which is going to South Africa, during the first week of August. Because of this, the television taping schedule has been thrown out of whack.

And next week is going to be a busy one with all sorts of spoilers available for your consumption.

Here's the taping schedule, with WWE running each show in a different city in Texas:

July 22: Raw is live in Austin
July 23: Raw taping in Laredo; show airs on July 29
July 24: SmackDown taping in Corpus Christi; show airs on July 26
July 25: SmackDown taping in Houston; show airs on Aug. 2

There you have it, Cagesiders. If you live in Texas and are motivated enough, you could conceivably catch four shows in as many days for both the red and blue brand.

Anyone crazy enough to try it?

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