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Jericho and Orton address their WWE status on Twitter

Two Superstars whose future plans have been speculated on for entirely different reasons update the Universe on what's up via WWE's beloved social media.

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Following up on the happenings at last night's Smackdown tapings, veteran part-timer Chris Jericho and recent Money in the Bank briefcase winner Randy Orton took to social media to confirm or clear up news that had made it out onto the web.

Welcome to the "Reality Era".

Y2J is an entertainer in many outlets, and anyone who follows his main sidelight as rock n' roll frontman with his band Fozzy knew that the group had tour dates on the horizon. Well, having done what he could for Fandango and Ryback (and tore the house down with RVD a couple of nights back), the Ayatollah is leaving WWE for now:


As we learned in January at the Royal Rumble, we never know when the Master of 1004 holds will sneak back into our wrestling world. Until he does - shine on, you crazy diamond.

Slightly less spoiler-y, itself announced last night that Randy Orton was injured at the Smackdown tapings. Well, have no fear Orton-ites:


Not sure if the Viper knows that his employer is "the net", too, but hey, dudes got a lot on his mind what with the divorce and re-adjusting to being a main eventer and all.

So, there you have it Cagesiders. Twitter - more than just that annoying scroll at the bottom of Raw.

Anybody wish we still had to wait for Mean Gene to cut into Superstars of Wrestling for news?

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