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Report: WWE upset at leak in creative team revealing match outcomes prior to events

WWE has been dealing with a leak in its creative team who has been giving away match outcomes and storylines prior to events and the company is reportedly not happy about it.

Just yesterday, Deadspin published a story delving into a poster on the popular site having correctly predicted every single pay-per-view (PPV) match WWE has put on since the Elimination Chamber event back in February. The poster claims to have an inside source within the company who provides him with all the winners and he makes his predictions known just before showtime each event.

And he's gone 38-for-38 doing this.

The user, whose handle is Dolphins1925, claimed he's doing this to "get WWE's attention" and "put a stop to spoilers from being leaked." He would later say he's hoping to put an end to insiders at the company leaking information and it being made available for public consumption.

"I should not have access to this information," he said.

WWE would provide Deadspin with a comment mostly brushing it off, saying he could be a "modern day Nostradamus" and that they will keep an eye out to see how he does in the future. Internally, however, the powers that be are apparently far more upset at the situation.

Indeed, is reporting upper management is aware of the situation and is not at all happy about it. That's not exactly groundbreaking news but this likely means a serious crackdown on potential leaks, which means less information being made available ahead of time.

And you know what? That might not be a bad thing.

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