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WWE names the Top 20 Most Memorable Debuts

What were the top 20 most memorable debuts in the history of pro wrestling? Let's look at the list.

With the Wyatt family having debuted on this past Monday night's episode of Raw, and that debut having been done extremely well, all things considered, has hit us with yet another countdown style list. This one deals with the Top 20 Most Memorable Debuts in the history of pro wrestling.

Let's get right to it:

20. Big Show at St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999
19. Santino Marella on Raw in 2007
18. Booker T at King of the Ring 2001
17. Abdullah the Butcher at WCW Worldwide in 1991
16. Brock Lesnar on Raw in 2002
15. Great Khali on SmackDown in 2006
14. Vader at Great American Bash 1990
13. Goldberg on Nitro in 1997
12. Rey Mysterio on SmackDown in 2002
11. Sabu on ECW Hardcore TV in 1993
10. Eric Bischoff on Raw in 2002
9. Undertaker at Survivor Series 1990
8. Tazz at Royal Rumble 2000
7. Shockmaster at Clash of the Champions
6. Wyatt family on Raw in 2013
5. The Nexus on Raw in 2010
4. John Cena on SmackDown in 2002
3. Scott Hall on Nitro in 1996
2. Chris Jericho on Raw in 1999
1. Kane at Badd Blood 1997

All told, this list looks pretty damn good to me, save for Eric Bischoff at number 10 because I'm still bitter at all the wonderful storyline possibilities WWE shit down the toilet with that. I'm not sure I would put Cena's debut here, though it was done well even if it's a bit cringe-worthy to see his look back then. Also impressed the Shockmaster was ranked seventh, because that debut had to be at least somewhere in the top 10 and seven seems about right.

But nothing will beat "THAT'S GOTTA BE ... THAT'S GOTTA BE KANE!"


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