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Report: SummerSlam 2013 to feature Wyatt family in a six-man tag match; Undertaker possibly off show

According to a report, the recently debuted Wyatt family will be involved in a six-man tag team match at "SummerSlam" this year in Los Angeles, and it's now looking more likely that Undertaker will not be working the show.

According to a report from Bryan Alvarez in the latest edition of the Figure Four Weekly Newsletter (subscription required but strongly recommended), the Wyatt family is earmarked for a six-man tag team match at SummerSlam on Aug. 18, 2013, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

A snip:

The Wyatt Family will be in a six-man at SummerSlam. Based on the angle that was shot Monday, where they beat up Kane and apparently took him out of the Money in the Bank match, it'll likely be Kane and two partners taking them on. Whether one of those partners will be Undertaker will be made clear in the next few weeks.

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WWE has not passed along word just yet that Kane won't be wrestling at Money in the Bank this weekend but the promotion also hasn't ruled it out, as articles posted on the company website have specifically mentioned that it's still a possibility he won't work the show.

There's obviously the chance that Kane will team up with Undertaker to battle the Wyatt family at the biggest party of the summer, and that would be an awesome fit for the debuting trio's first feud, but as Alvarez points out in his report, it seems more likely that Undertaker has decided not to work the show.

That's because he was taken out in an injury angle by The Shield, who apparently actually injured him when they triple powerbombed him through a table earlier this year. It's now looking likely that we won't see "The Deadman" again until WrestleMania season early next year.

Still, it seems the top matches at SummerSlam have been booked and the Wyatt family will be taking on Kane and two others.

But who will those others be? Stay tuned.

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