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Randy Orton gets divorced from wife Samantha

According to a report from TMZ, WWE star Randy Orton has gotten divorced, separating from his wife Samantha after six years of marriage.

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According to a report from the hounds at, WWE star Randy Orton recently got divorced from his wife Samantha, who he had been with since 2007 and has a four-year-old daughter with. The good news is it seems the two sides aren't out for blood.

From the report:

This came out of nowhere ... mega-rich WWE star Randy Orton HAS GOTTEN DIVORCED -- and TMZ has learned, he gets a ton of the marital loot ... including cars, massive bank accounts ... and of course, his gun collection.

The divorce order was signed just last month. Randy and and his now-ex Samantha were married in 2007, but separated in 2012. Samantha filed for divorce in March, claiming the marriage was "irretrievably broken." They have one 4-year-old daughter.

But the split seems pretty amicable ... both parties came to a separation agreement, which details the division of property post-split.

The good news here is that it looks like Orton's personal life will stay personal and won't interfere with what he does professionally. There was a fear that wouldn't be the case recently with another high profile star, John Cena, but all ended well on that front.

Or it was swept under the rug. Either way, the skeletons in that closet weren't exposed and that's probably for the best for all involved.

Another interesting nugget in all this is the separation agreement details how much money Orton makes working for WWE. According to TMZ, who looked through the docs, "The Viper" brings home $291,666 per month. That's a pretty penny.

Now back to our regularly scheduled pro wrestling programming.

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