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WWE releases Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton: 'The Saga' (Videos)

WWE is really playing up the rivalry between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, going so far as to release a four-part video series detailing "The Saga" between the two.

Over the past couple weeks, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton have engaged in a series of matches that have been surrounded by controversy while being incredibly entertaining bouts, mostly because Bryan is out of his mind right now and "The Viper" has benefited greatly from being associated with his character.

WWE, seeking to capitalize on all this, has released a four-part video series on the feud entitled "Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton: The Saga."

The first video takes a look at their match from Monday Night Raw back on June 17. This was the infamous encounter that saw Bryan land a missile dropkick and suddenly lose feeling in half his body. He relayed this information to the referee, the referee relayed it to Orton, who sold long to give Bryan time to recover, it was then relayed to Triple H at the Gorilla position, and he made the decision to send Dr. Sampson in to stop the match for fear that Bryan was seriously injured.

It turned out the injury was simply a stinger and Bryan and Triple H had an intense argument backstage over the decision to stop the match. Bryan was booked to win clean, a victory that was supposed to catapult him into the truly upper echelon of the roster. He felt slighted by the decision, as though he was being held back and he felt he should be the one to determine whether he's too injured to continue or not. Though the two apparently nearly came to blows, they later settled their differences.

Further proving Bryan's point about his ability to work through the injury was the fact that he main evented SmackDown the very next night in a rematch with Orton:

The booking appeared to be done to continue the feud so they could get to Raw the next week, where the audience would be larger and Bryan's clean victory would mean so much more.

But they wanted to maximize it in every way they could, so they booked another match for the beginning of the show, which was really just a way to set up yet another match between the two to close the show, where Bryan would finally get his big submission victory.

The opener:

The closer:

Which leads us to now, and both Bryan and Orton being placed in the WWE championship Money in the Bank ladder match on July 14 in Philadelphia. It's expected that Bryan will win while Orton will move on to other things.

And this "Saga" will have accomplished everything it was supposed to.

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