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Who is Kaitlyn's secret admirer?

So WWE Diva's Kaitlyn has a secret admirer and we're going to find out who it is tomorrow night (June 10, 2013) on "Monday Night Raw". This is where you can come speculate on who will be revealed as the special someone.

We here at Cageside Seats are nothing if not grateful to have all you fine folks reading us. So when you make a request, we do our best to fulfill it, as long as it's reasonable and we can actually make it happen. In this instance, we most certainly can.

Cagesider Periander asked if we could do a poll in a post asking who everyone believes will be revealed as Kaitlyn's secret admirer come tomorrow night (June 10, 2013) on Monday Night Raw. So here you go.

This whole ordeal started just over one month ago when Kaitlyn got a gift along with a mysterious letter:

The Great Khali was employed to assist in the search for this no name character but he's been unsuccessful:

Natalya assisted Kaitlyn in ambushing Cody Rhodes, but he ended up being clean:

Finally, Kaitlyn revealed to Natalya she'll find out who her secret admirer is on Raw:

Hmmm. There's a common link in every one of these videos. Perhaps the secret admirer isn't a man at all?

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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