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Triple H vs. Curtis Axel match moved up from SummerSlam, likely for Payback

The Triple H vs. Curtis Axel rematch apparently wasn't supposed to happen until "SummerSlam". Now, though, it seems WWE has pushed it up to the "Payback" pay-per-view (PPV) this coming June 16 in Chicago.

For those of you worried that Triple H would do nothing but bury the recently re-debuted Curtis Axel in the program the two are running together on Monday Night Raw, well, this probably isn't going to make you feel any better.

According to Bryan Alvarez in the latest edition of the Figure Four Weekly Newsletter (subscription required but strongly recommended), the rematch between the two was reportedly booked for SummerSlam, or at least that's where the program was headed, but has since been moved up, possibly to the Payback pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sun., June 16, 2013, in Chicago, Illinois.

Apparently, that's the motive behind Chris Jericho dropping that line to Paul Heyman during their contract signing that they could push the match back to SummerSlam because there is now an opening with the decision to fast track Trips vs. Axel.

As for what the ultimate plan is in storyline, that's still up in the air. Currently, "The Game" is having issues with his family, who are looking out for his well being and urging him never to compete again in fear for his safety. He is, of course, ignoring this to get revenge on Axel.

What he's getting revenge for isn't really clear, though I guess you could say he just wants to beat him clean like he failed to do in the first match because of his storyline concussion.

Now the question becomes whether or not Triple H will be willing to put Axel over. One would think that to be the smart play here, what with "The Cerebral Assassin" only working part time and Axel getting a big push as the son of Mr. Perfect who just became a Paul Heyman Guy.

We shall see.

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