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Dolph Ziggler reportedly cleared to wrestle; likely to appear on SmackDown

Dolph Ziggler has reportedly received clearance to return from the concussion that has had him sidelined for a number of weeks now. He's expected back at SmackDown in Long Island tonight.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

It's been nearly a full month since World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler was kicked in the head so hard by Jack Swagger at a SmackDown taping that he suffered a legitimate concussion, one bad enough to give him retrograde amnesia.

That means not only did he not remember getting booted in the skull, he couldn't remember things that had happened an entire day before it.

WWE has taken extra precautions with him because of it and not only kept him from wrestling, he hasn't even been on TV. Indeed, the feud he's supposed to be working with Alberto Del Rio right now has been taken up by his girlfriend AJ Lee's friend, Big E. Langston.

That's all about to change.

Yes, Cagesiders, the news we've all been waiting for is finally here: Ziggler passed his imPact tests and has been cleared by the company to return to active wrestling. It's being reported we can expect him back at the SmackDown tapings tonight in Long Island.

Combined with what Daniel Bryan and The Shield are doing, WWE programming just got a lot more interesting. That is, of course, assuming Swagger is nowhere around to injure anyone else. And, in fact, he hasn't been seen in weeks himself.

All is well, right?

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