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CM Punk acquires restraining order against his mother

According to TMZ, WWE Superstar CM Punk is in court today seeking an extension of a restraining order against his estranged mother, who he says routinely harasses and demands money from him.

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TMZ is reporting that CM Punk has a temporary restraining order against his mother from June 10, 2013, and is in an Illinois court today seeking an extension of several years.

The documents TMZ is reporting on state that Philip Brooks (Punk's legal name) claims he has tried for several years to distance himself from his mother without legal assistance "due to repeated financial demands and years of abusive, harassing and threatening behavior."

Brooks claims in the court papers that his mother suffers from bipolar disorder, and that he has given her more than $100,000. When the money and other efforts didn't help, the "abusive/threatening behavior" escalated.

In response to his cutting her off, she began sending emails such as:

You don't give a s**t about us. You just care about your money and money hungry/fame hungry friends. You would sell us for a nickel.

These were accompanied by suicide threats, at least four, according to the documents, and threats to release embarrassing information about his behavior in high school, including arrests.

Considering his angle with Chris Jericho last summer focused on Punk's family issues and how his straight-edge lifestyle is a response to that environment, this news definitely proves that there were shoot elements to that story.

Cageside Seats will keep you up-to-date on this sad story.

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