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Is the horror of working for the McMahon family intensifying within WWE?

The surprise resignation of WWE's new head writer David Kreizman this week suggests that the horror of working for the McMahon family is sadly intensifying due to the pressure of weak ratings.

Keep being a star, Vince McMahon!
Keep being a star, Vince McMahon!
Photo by Al Pavangkanan of Flickr.

The horror stories of working inside the WWE creative team have been well documented here at Cageside Seats. In the past, sexual harassment (both towards the Divas and the male superstars) and racial slurs ran rampant. Thankfully, that seems to be a thing of the past, due to whistleblowers like The Undertaker (on Kevin Thorne's behalf) and Mark Henry. However, one thing that hasn't changed is the craziness of the eccentric McMahon family, who can turn on their staff at the drop of a hat for no good reason whatsoever, whilst constantly working them into the ground.

Unfortunately things seem to be getting worse not better in that regard. Indeed, it only took three months after being hired as WWE's new head writer for David Kreizman to hand in his resignation after the acclaimed WWE Payback pay-per-view.

Like so many people who couldn't last in the abusive cult environment that the McMahons have fostered, Kreizman came into wrestling blind from the screen writing profession. His acquisition was one of WWE's biggest coups, having won multiple awards and nominations for his scripting of soap operas like Guiding Light and As the World Turns.

But the demands in WWE are much stiffer than in Hollywood, even though the writing is much more basic. Currently the company produces nine hours of first run programming a week between Monday Night Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, NXT, Superstars and Total Divas and has a major pay-per-view event to build toward every month. That's a huge amount of product to churn out on a weekly basis, especially considering all the travel that's involved in attending the television tapings at the start of the week and then travelling back home to Stamford, Connecticut.

Thus, it would be a demanding and stressful job even if Vince McMahon was a model employer. But with his tendency to demand whole scripts to be rewritten at the last minute, even as the show is going on, and have wild mood swings on a regular basis, which have become even more frequent of late due to his inability to grasp that Raw's recent poor ratings run was wholly due to competition from the NBA playoffs, then it's no surprise that someone like Kreizman is run out of the company in no time. Which is a real shame as the quality of WWE's writing has significantly improved under his stewardship and thus he was someone that was well worth keeping.

Total creative chaos within WWE was at least prevented by Vince somehow managing to get Kreizman to stay until mid-August instead of leaving at the end of the week as originally planned, which should give them enough time to find a suitable replacement. But after getting rid of Kreizman's predecessors Brian Gewirtz and Eric Pankowski in the last nine months alone, Vince may be becoming impossible for anyone to work with so closely for any prolonged length of time.

Things should get better when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon take over the running of the company, but even they are no angels, as this week demonstrated.

Apparently, according to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, the line on Raw where Steph warned Kaitlyn never to interrupt her again was based on a real life incident where somebody cut her off in conversation and she was very upset about it. I guess the wrath of Stephanie is still a force to be reckoned with.

Then we had Hunter almost coming to blows backstage with Daniel Bryan over his decision to stop the weak link's match with Randy Orton when he suffered a stinger. To be fair, Bryan was the one who instigated that argument, but still it's not a good sign that he couldn't diffuse the situation more calmly.

I imagine the WWE creative team are currently walking on eggshells around the McMahon family wondering when the next shoe will drop.

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