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Randy Orton talks suspensions, turning heel, and more

In this interview, WWE star Randy Orton talks about a bevy of topics, including his past suspensions, turning heel and playing babyface, and much, much more. Check it out!

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In a recent interview with Sam Roberts, WWE star Randy Orton went in depth on his entire career, with topics ranging from the couple times he's been suspended by the company, to his failed first run with the world heavyweight championship, to his playing a babyface now when he's so eager to turn heel.

Here's the video:

The folks at translated some key quotes.

On suspensions:

"I think I was just a little impulsive with my decision-making and I wouldn't really think how it would affect me or the people around me. There were probably half-a-dozen times where I thought, 'This is it.' Like Triple H would always tell me, 'You're your own worst enemy.' Because everyone there was in my corner."

On his failed first run with the world heavyweight title:

"At that point in my career, I'm not very confident in my abilities at this point. Nothing like I am. I was like, 'Are you shi------ me? You're going to give me the World Hvt. Title?' Holy crap. I s--- my pants. I had the thing for a month before they took it off me, yeah, I wasn't ready. But, I'm still the youngest World Hvt. champion (laughs)."

On turning heel and playing a babyface:

"I wouldn't say happy, but I'm enjoying it the best I can. I'd much rather be a bad guy. I think everyone knows that." He added, "I try not to be that type of (Cena) babyface. I just try to be my own good guy and keep a couple of those characteristics I had as a heel. I know eventually I'll turn back."

Head on over to the Torch to see more quotes.

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