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WWE names the 10 worst pay-per-view posters in pro wrestling history

There have been plenty of awful pro wrestling pay-per-view posters and WWE narrowed down that list to a top 10 that is sure to get plenty of laughs, along with a cringe or two. Check it.

This is a fantastic idea for a top 10 list from, one that is sure to induce hearty laughter and a cringe or two. That's right, folks, it's the Top 10 Worst Pay-Per-View Posters in the history of pro wrestling, and it's awesome.

What really makes this great is the folks who put it together, whom work for WWE, absolutely go in on some of the posters used to promote WWE events. Hell, even a WrestleMania poster makes the list.

We're not going to showcase each poster for the list here because, well, that just wouldn't be in good spirits. We'll hit you with a couple and you should go to to check out all the rest, as well as the biting criticism that accompanies each poster.

Here's the top 10:

10. Great American Bash 2000
9. Backlash 2001
8. Slamboree 2000
7. Capitol Punishment 2011
6. Badd Blood 1997
5. SuperBrawl 2000
4. WrestleMania 22
3. World War 3 1996
2. Royal Rumble 1995
1. The Great American Bash 1996

And now here are a couple of those posters:






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