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So Mark Henry apparently snapped on Twitter tonight

Mark Henry is not retiring from professional wrestling, which is good news. He also apparently snapped on Twitter tonight (June 9, 2013), and that could also be good news, depending on your perspective.

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Remember when Sheamus beat Mark Henry in a strap match at Extreme Rules and "The World's Strongest Man" just sort of up and took off? And remember how it wasn't that long after that word came down from the Wrestling Observer that there was huge heat on him for doing so, even though his reasoning is that he's legitimately injured (again) and needs the time off?

Well, it seems someone went and pissed him off and he's straight snapping on Twitter tonight.

Let's take a look at the tweets:

The good news in all this is that he's not retiring. He also clearly has plenty of fire left in him. Oh and even if this is all kayfabe and he's not actually mad, it's still great because THAT'S WHAT MARK HENRY DO.

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