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No heat on Jack Swagger for giving Dolph Ziggler a concussion

Despite his track record and near complete inability to get over, Jack Swagger has reportedly gotten off clean for giving Dolph Ziggler a concussion at the SmackDown tapings last week.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

Well ain't this a kick in the head?

Just last week, Jack Swagger unleashed a vicious boot to World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler's skull as he was bending down to pick up a ladder at a SmackDown taping. The kick connected so clean, it knocked Dolph silly. He was able to finish the angle and even got physical after, taking another kick in the head from Alberto Del Rio.

But he doesn't remember any of it.

That's because Swagger's big fat foot gave him a concussion, one bad enough to cause retrograde amnesia. That means not only does he not remember the incident that caused the injury, he doesn't even remember working Monday Night Raw the evening prior.

In a later interview with, he would call it "the worst concussion of my entire career."

Despite this, Bryan Alvarez reports in the latest Figure Four Weekly that it doesn't look like Swagger has faced any backlash or gotten any heat for the accident, most likely because it was just that:

We didn't hear any fallout in terms of punishment or people being upset at Swagger as it was clearly and accident and not something that Swagger did on purpose, or a careless kick or anything like that. It was just wrong place, wrong time for Ziggler's head.

I'm not sure I'm in the camp of thinking it was just an unfortunate situation with bad timing. Sure, you could argue as much but Swagger works incredibly stiff and has a history of injuring people he's worked with.

It's not like this is a first offense.

Still, it appears the worst he's going to face for this is continued criticism from pro wrestling fans online. So go ahead and give it to him, Cagesiders, if that's what you're wanting to do now.

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