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WWE Top 10 Video: Hardcore Championship Moments

WWE checks in with its latest Top 10 video, this one on the very best Hardcore Championship Moments.

WWE is back with yet another Top 10 countdown, this one of the very best Hardcore Championship Moments. There were many more than 10, if I recall correctly, because the Hardcore title may very well have been the most entertaining of its era.

Remember the 24/7 rule? That made for some hilariously bad TV.

That's showcased in this list, too, so let's just get to it:

10. Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb through a table Rob Van Dam vacated at the last second at SummerSlam
9. Mike Awesome smashes Rhyno through a ladder backstage on Raw
8. A parking lot attendant tries to beat Crash Holly for the belt and fails
7. Rhyno Gores a shopping cart
6. Molly Holly knocks out Hurricane with a frying pan to win the title
5. Gerald Brisco hits Pat Patterson with the Bronco Buster while in drag
4. Undertaker chokeslams Rob Van Dam off the stage onto tables on Raw
3. Crash Holly wrecks shop on the Headbangers in a playpen
2. Bob Holly and Al Snow battle it out in the Mississippi River
1. Shane McMahon falls 50 feet off the stage against Steve Blackmon at SummerSlam

Thoughts on the list?

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