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Rob Van Dam continues teasing return to either TNA or WWE

Rob Van Dam says he'll be making his return to television very soon but will that be with TNA or WWE?

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You know the old saying: Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. We can aptly apply that to the situation surrounding Rob Van Dam and his continued tease that he may be jumping ship from TNA to sign a deal to make his return to WWE after years away from the promotion.

That's because it's almost certainly not going to happen.

We've seen this in recent months with what seems like nearly half the TNA roster of stars who had their contracts expire. Thanks to a recent major change in the pay structure within the company, many of the wrestlers felt shortchanged and were rumored to be looking for more lucrative deals elsewhere.

The problem? No one was biting, least of all WWE.

That's partially explained by the lawsuit the two companies were involved in until recently but also because the powers that be at WWE simply aren't all that interested in anyone on the TNA roster. If they were, we certainly would have seen some movement when Bobby Roode had his recent contract snafu and the two sides never even talked when that happened.

Other folks like Matt Morgan and Devon teased jumping ship but reports indicate that was never in the cards for either.

Now, RVD is doing the same in a recent interview with VOC Nation Radio (via PW Torch), saying he'll be back on television soon but it could be for either of the two major pro wrestling organizations:

"The reason that I've been really quiet as far as my (TNA) contract goes, the people that really don't know, really don't know. The only person that knows is me. I do have plans to return very soon and wrestle on TV, and it won't be with any (independent) promotions. I will be wrestling with either TNA or WWE very soon."

Even if it was possible for Van Dam to come back to WWE, would any of you Cagesiders want to see it?

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