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Want to pitch a WWE storyline to Stephanie McMahon? Now you can pony up the dough to do so!

If you ever wanted to pitch a WWE storyline to Stephanie McMahon, now is your chance. You'll just have to pony up a pretty penny to do so.

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Fantasy booking is one of the favorite pastimes of pro wrestling fans, especially since the advent of the Internet. Once everyone was given a voice, without having to pay for it, quite a large section of the fan base decided to use that voice to criticize promotions like WWE for its unimaginative and often substandard storylines while coming up with myriad ways they could do it better.

Well, now is your chance to put your money where your mouth is ... literally.

As part of the WWE Superstars for Sandy Relief charity campaign, the company is now auctioning off the chance to "Pitch a WWE Storyline to WWE's Executive Vice President of Creative, Stephanie McMahon," which you can do by heading over to now.

Attention WWE fans! This is your chance to change the course of WWE history. This package allows one winner to pitch a WWE storyline to WWE's Executive Vice President of Creative, Stephanie McMahon! As the mind behind the WWE storyline, this could be your one shot to leave your mark on Stephanie and the WWE universe!

The estimated value for this? $7,500.

The current bid, as of this writing? $1,300.

And that's after eights bids!

I'm not sure how loaded you Cagesiders are but if any of you have a spare few thousand dollars to spend, you can live the dream of every fanboy and actually take one of your brilliant ideas to someone who can actually do something with it.

Of course, there's no guarantee your idea would be used and even if it got past Stephanie, it could get to her father, Vince, and be torn to shreds. So, really, you would be just like every other writer on the WWE Creative staff.

Any takers?

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