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WWE signs online content deal with Yahoo after their YouTube agreement expires will be WWE's premiere global video distribution partner from the summer of 2013, after their YouTube deal expired and wasn't renewed, presumably because Yahoo offered WWE more money. Part of the deal includes a 30-minute preshow for Monday Night Raw.

The JBL and Cole show - moving to soon?
The JBL and Cole show - moving to soon?

Yesterday, reported that Yahoo had entered into a partnership with WWE for exclusive online content:

"Yahoo, which last week announced exclusive online deal with "Saturday Night Live" producer Broadway Video, will be the "premiere global video distribution partner" for WWE. Internet company will set up dedicated hub on Yahoo for all WWE content, beginning summer 2013....

Under WWE pact, Yahoo will exclusively offer 30-minute preshow for "Monday Night Raw," for every new seg on TV and two weekly series of 50 episodes per year to be produced exclusively for distribution on Yahoo.

In addition, Yahoo will have exclusive access to WWE's archives of historical full matches, shows, highlights and other events, and Internet portal will air a live preshow content for every pay-per-view event. Finally, short-form clips from all WWE television programs will now be available on Yahoo."

According to, this replaces their current agreement with YouTube which is the home for such footage currently, as that deal was only for a year, is about to expire and wasn't renewed, presumably because Yahoo offered WWE more money. Thus, the two weekly series for the new WWE hub on will likely be chosen from the shows that were previously produced for their YouTube channel.

What are your thoughts on this move, Cagesiders?

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