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WWE really wants us to believe John Cena is injured

John Cena is injured and we know this because WWE, and those connected to it, keep telling us as much.

J. Meric

John Cena once tore his pectoral muscle and managed to come back after just three short months of rehabilitation. That's unheard of, but he's "Superman" and no one really batted an eye at the situation because, again, he's "Superman."

With WWE being WWE and this being pro wrestling, it's impossible to take anyone at their word. Now combine those two and what you end up with is a cynical sigh at the great lengths the company is going to to convince us that Cena has suffered an injury to his Achilles.

First, reported in a way that made it sound kayfabe, then the "dirt sheets" got a hold of the information and "confirmed" that he really is hurt but it's not the worst thing in the world, Cena himself said he's banged up but will be at Monday Night Raw tonight (April 29) in Columbus, Ohio, and now Jim Ross, Hall of Fame announcer, wants you to know the injury is totally legit. reporting that WWE Champion John Cena has sustained an injury while on the European Tour. The report states that Cena has issues with his right, Achilles tendon which can be a dicey matter. Achilles injuries can be puzzling especially if they aren't torn and don't require surgery. In other words these types of injuries can linger if one doesn't get the proper rest and allow the tendon to heal. The injury is legit as Cena has been suffering through this matter for several days even though he hasn't missed any bookings. Always said the man has the work ethic and toughness of an offensive lineman which is a good thing.

Totally legit, you guys. Cena is just really, really tough.

If you don't know what to believe at this point, you're not alone. The safest bet, as is usually the case with these things, is to count on there being some level of work to all this and to count on Cena being on your television set when a major WWE program is on.

That is all.

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