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Brock Lesnar is ... THE ANOMALY

Okay, this is just getting ridiculous.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

It wasn't long after his return to television this year that Triple H started referring to himself as "The Asskicker," the latest in his long line of mostly silly nicknames taking its place alongside "The Game" and "The Cerebral Assassin" and "The King of Kings."

But now WWE has taken to giving Brock Lesnar a new moniker, noticed in this bit of copy in a story at

It took Brock Lesnar three matches and a tumultuous year under two separate WWE contracts, but on May 19, The Anomaly may finally feel at home for the first time since returning the squared circle. That's because at Extreme Rules, the 266-pound destroyer will face archrival Triple H inside the confines of a steel cage. While Triple H may have more experience competing in WWE cages, Lesnar has a much different perspective.

Brock Lesnar is "THE ANOMALY."

I suppose they couldn't continue to call him "The Next Big Thing" the way they did back in 2002, but "The Anomaly"? What is that? And why did no one ever latch on to "The Brockness Monster" and run with it?

Cagesiders, let's get your thoughts on this new nickname. Good or bad? And can you come up with one better?

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