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The Rock on wrestling his last match, Brock Lesnar plans, and panic at Raw after WrestleMania 29

Well, here's an interesting interview with The Rock in which he clears the air on whether or not he's wrestled his last match, plans in place for a future encounter with Brock Lesnar, and the panic at Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania 29.

Eva Rinaldi at Wikimedia Commons

With all the controversy surrounding The Rock, whether that be the legitimacy of his injury from his WrestleMania 29 match with John Cena and how severe it actually is to his apparent decision to simply skip out on WWE and not give anyone a call until hours before Monday Night Raw, screwing up plans for the show that night, it's amazing no one has simply asked the man himself.

Until now.

Peter Rosenberg got a sweet little tell all interview with "The Great One"and let's just say air was cleared. Let's start with whether or not he has wrestled his last match:

"Possibly, to be honest with you. And this is an exclusive you're getting, this is some exclusive shit right here. Possibly. The goal three years ago... I sat down with Vince McMahon, we strategized about it, we talked about three WrestleManias back-to-back, boom boom boom, and building to those. And I committed myself to the company and I was very proud of that moment. Didn't matter if I lost or did the job or not, it was an honor to do the honors. In the wrestling world, there is no better way to give back to the business ... than doing the honors.

"Now, I know that there's a lot of fans (saying) 'oh, it shouldn't have been John, it should have been somebody else' and that's not for me to decide. ... In this case, we wanted to build me to a certain place to become champion and then do things the right way. And for the business that I love, that I grew up in, it was an awesome way, it was the best way, by the way, to give back. So was it my last match? Possibly. I'm really not too sure, and I wouldn't rule it out. But the plans this whole time was to create Miami and then create the biggest show of all time in the biggest market of all time in New York."

On plans that were in place to work with Brock Lesnar:

"To be honest with you, since we're so close now, the original plan was possibly Brock and myself. That was the next thing that made sense to me because I love Brock, we've been friends for over a decade now, and we could have a great athletic match. So that was the plan. But then when I had torn my two tendons off my pelvis and I had to fly home that day, we coudn't do what we wanted to do at Raw that day. So, possibly. Possibly with Brock down the road."

And, finally, what really happened with his injury and the reported panic it caused at Monday Night Raw the night after WrestleMania after reports stated he skipped town and left WWE in the lurch:

"That's so false (that I never told anybody I was hurt and just left). I talked to Vince that night when I was hurt that night. Vince came to my locker room at WrestleMania -- Vince and Triple H, by the way, and John Cena came, CM Punk came, I mean, you know. It's easier and more entertaining (to say) 'The Rock just left' but no, I would never do that. It's just not how I do business, by the way. That night, I saw the WWE guys, the orthos, they did the fun test if one has a hernia, which is always fun, and Vince came by the locker room. I said 'I'm hurt' and we agreed that I wasn't going to be at the show, so everybody knew. So I wasn't quite too sure where all the scrambling came in. Then I got a phone call in the afternoon from one of our writers at the WWE and said 'hey, would you like to give a message or not only would you like to tweet a message but is there a statement from the orthopedics that you saw today?' And I'm like 'yeah, I saw Dr. Kaplan in Miami.' And that was it. I went and got my MRI's done and boom, believe me, for a guy who has to get surgery, I wouldn't make it up. That's silly."

There are two sides to every story, Cagesiders, and now that you've got Rock's side, are you changing your viewpoint on the entire situation? Or do you still feel the same?

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