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Is Zack Ryder finally changing gimmicks? (Video)

Zack Ryder, one of the most famous jobbers in the industry, is teasing a gimmick change in his latest video. Check it out.

Of the various jobbers WWE employs and actively uses on its roster, Zack Ryder is undoubtedly the most famous. He used his own YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story, to organically gain somewhat of a cult following that would call for him to be pushed on Monday Night Raw or, at the very least, Friday Night SmackDown.

Then, finally, that happened. He was given a United States title win -- which he celebrated with his father in the stands and acted like it was the greatest accomplishment of his life -- and put into a program with Eve Torres, Kane, and John Cena. Well, he unceremoniously dropped the U.S. strap and his program with Eve, Kane, and Cena saw him come away looking like the biggest dork in the history of wrestling.

You remember Cena stealing his girl and Kane pushing him off the stage set on Raw while he was in a wheelchair, right?

Since then, he's embarked on a jobbing tour for the ages. Nowadays he's lucky to make Superstars, and he's voiced his displeasure with his situation on a near daily basis on his Twitter account.

Now, he's released the above video, first teasing the return of Z! True Long Island Story then teasing a gimmick change. Either that or he's ready to just give up, crushed under the weight of the insurmountable machine that is WWE.


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