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WWE News: Why Dolph Ziggler has jobbed so much; nixed Jack Swagger title run

If you're wondering why Dolph Ziggler was jobbing so much before winning the world heavyweight title, here's a report with an answer that may surprise you. In other news, Jack Swagger's push appears to have been stalled by his recent legal troubles.

Shamsuddin Muhammad

Here are a couple interesting bits of news and information for you Cagesiders on this slow Saturday following the biggest week in pro wrestling history.

According to a report from, the creative brain trust at WWE had known for some time that they were going to have Dolph Ziggler cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase on the first episode of Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania 29.

But if that was the case, why have him job so much leading up to it?

The explanation being passed around is that WWE wanted fans to feel like Ziggler is vulnerable and the babyfaces chasing him for his title can actually beat him. That's somewhat sound logic, though it definitely sacrifices Dolph's standing after having to do all those jobs.

In other, related news, there were also plans in place for Jack Swagger's push to extend all the way to a run with the world heavyweight title Ziggler cashed in his contract to win. Why not go through with it?

That damn DUI.

Indeed, it turns out Swagger didn't come out completely unscathed from his recent legal troubles. There were reportedly plans for him to win the belt but they "fizzled quickly after his DUI arrest."

Stay away from drugs, folks, and if you can't, at least don't drive while you're on them. Actually, yeah, just stay away from them.

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