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Photos of proposed WWE championship belt designs

Here are photos of proposed WWE championship belt designs before the company settled on the one John Cena is currently lugging around. Some of these are very interesting.

WWE on Instagram

When CM Punk teased a new WWE championship belt design was in the works while he was in the midst of his 434-day reign as champion, it created a sense of hope among the pro wrestling fan base. After all, the Spinner belt brought into existence thanks to John Cena's coronation as the top babyface in the company had long since lost its appeal.

Sorry, kiddos.

It wasn't until The Rock defeated Punk that the new title made its big debut on Monday Night Raw. The unveiling brought a mixed reaction of joy at the demise of the Spinner belt, disappointment that the new strap wasn't as good as past WWE championship belts, and a rare case of contentment.

Hey, some people actually think the new belt, seen in the picture above with Cena's custom side plates, is real nice.

It's not the only design WWE had drawn up, though. Not by a long show. In fact, has a photo gallery showcasing various artwork with ideas for what the new belt could have looked like and some of them are very interesting.

Here are a couple and you should click here to see the rest:





Again, be sure to check out the rest at by clicking here.

Thoughts on what could have been vs. what is now?

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