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WWE names the top 10 chants in history

What are the 10 greatest chants in WWE history? The company website is back with another list. Let's see what made the cut.

Thanks to the raucous, world traveled WrestleMania 29 crowd migrating to the IZOD Center for Monday Night Raw this week, we were treated to an amazing evening of chants that ranged from "J-B-L" to "H-B-K" to "WE ARE AWE-SOME."

It jumped the shark at that point but in fairness, that crowd was awesome.

Always quick to take advantage of a hot topic, is back with another top 10 list, this one on the greatest chants in the history of WWE. And you didn't think we would let that go by without taking a look, did you?

Let's see...

10. "You Suck"

Without apologies to poor Kurt Angle, who got this chant even as a babyface. It's a popular one for any heel and has stood the test of time.

9. Fadangoing

This is now a thing, where the crowd hums along with his theme song. It will die soon, as it failed to catch on at the SmackDown tapings in Boston the very next night after it began at Raw.

8. "You Still Got It"

A goodie, but often overused. For instance, Chris Jericho received this chant when he made his return at Royal Rumble earlier this year. He had been out of WWE for all of five months at that point.

7. "One More Match"

Usually pointless because those who get this chanted at them quite often don't have a choice in the matter, as age and failing health prevent them from honoring the request, such as Edge and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Exceptions include Hulk Hogan, who is working on another surgery to get back into the ring to win the TNA heavyweight title despite not being able to take a bump at the age of 675.

6. "YES!"

Popularized by Daniel Bryan, it took on a life of its own as an act of rebellion by the so-called WWE Universe after Bryan was forced to job the world heavyweight title to Sheamus in just 18 seconds at WrestleMania 28. The fact that is has lasted this long has been impressive.

5. "This Is Awe-some"

A lot of chants from smarky fans are self-serving and add nothing to a show, but if a performer goes out of his/her way to entertain the audience, they will be repaid with this chant. Not as popular as it used to be.

4. "U-S-A"


3. "E-C-Dub"

No joke, that's how has it written up. Brilliant. Really, it shows the impact Paul Heyman and his minions had on the pro wrestling landscape throughout the 1990s. Depending on the location of a show, a high spot involving a foreign object could elicit this chant.

2. "What?"

No idea how this didn't make number one. Easily the most annoying chant in the history of time, fans latched onto Stone Cold Steve Austin's creation and have yet to let it die. In many ways, we can credit Bryan for helping get rid of it with his "YES!" chant, which drew some of its inspiration from "What?" The sooner this goes away for good, the better.

1. "Woooo"

Oh, so that's how "What?" failed to reach number one. Yeah, Ric Flair's calling card makes sense here.

That's the list, Cagesiders. Any problems with it?

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