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WWE names the 25 greatest promos in history

What were the 25 greatest promos in the history of wrestling? WWE has got you covered with the following list, but you're probably not going to agree with it. Check it out.

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To be successful in professional wrestling, or at least to reach the greatest heights of the industry, you can't just be a great wrestler. No, you also have to be good with a microphone in your hand, able to sell yourself and your matches to the masses at large.

That's what the latest list is centered on: The top 25 promos in history. Let's take a look:

25. Dusty Rhodes "The winos know my name" promo from Mid-Atlantic

24. Edge tells John Cena how much hates him on SmackDown

23. Ultimate Warrior's "Ho-Kogan" monologue on Hulk Hogan crashing an airplane

22. Shane Douglas throws the NWA belt in the trash

21. Chris Jericho knows 1,004 holds

20. Bret Hart snaps on Monday Night Raw

19. Macho Man is the cream of the crop and uses coffee creamers to show as much

18. Bob Backlund feels like god

17. Terry Funk compares Ric Flair to a jackass

16. Raven has no remorse in ECW

15. The first Rock Concert in 2003

14. Shawn Michaels admits to screwing Bret Hart in 2005 on Raw

13. Hulk Hogan's power all lies in one place

12. Joey Styles shoots on WWE and quits on Raw

11. Eddie Guerrero goes off on Rey Mysterio's mask

10. Hulk Hogan's heel turn and promo announcing the formation of the New World Order

9. The Rock destroys his Hell in a Cell opponents

8. Ric Flair goes insane, gets naked on Nitro

7. Paul Heyman shoots on Vince McMahon in 2001

6. Jake Roberts pre-match promo on Ted DiBiase at WrestleMania 6

5. Ric Flair was born with a golden spoon in his mouth

4. CM Punk's drops a pipe bomb with a shoot promo on Raw in 2011

3. Cactus Jack's Cane Dewey promo

2. Dusty Rhodes knows all about hard times

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin coins Austin 3:16 at King of the Ring


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