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Chris Jericho defends Triple H against Bret Hart's claims that he never had a great match

Bret Hart recently took Triple H to task for being "overrated" while claiming "The Game" never had a great match. Chris Jericho, of all people, has come to Triple H's defense.

Steve Wright Jr.

When Bret Hart came out in a recent interview and spoke extensively of Triple H, he did so in the least flattering light possible. Not only did he say "The Game" was overrated as a wrestler, he went so far as to say the former D-Generation X leader has never actually had a great match.

He even rated Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 28 a "four out of 10."

Naturally, Chris Jericho has come to Triple H's defense... wait, what?

That's right, folks, "Y2J" talked about the situation on the Busted Open Radio show and had this to say:

"It was funny because when I saw that comment that Bret had said, I was kind of surprised because I think that Triple H has had a lot of great matches, dozens of great matches. I could think of two or three that I was in with him myself, so, maybe, I don't know why Bret would say that, maybe it's still a little bit personal or some bad vibes or taste in his mouth from what happened years ago. But I'll tell you face to face that Triple H has had many great matches and I always enjoyed watching him work, even up to the match he had with Lesnar. I don't know if that was a great match, it was definitely a very good one, so I would definitely never ever bury Triple H's wrestling talent for sure I think he's one of the best we've ever seen.


"Triple H may be a little bit underrated as far as the amount of flak that he takes over the years, but, as a performer, I'll tell you straight up he was definitely one of the best, from that era and even up until last year. The match he had with Undertaker, the match he had with Undertaker the year before, both Wrestlemania matches, were both amazing matches. Maybe not the same levels as the ones Shawn had with him but definitely in the exact same ballpark. Triple H is just one of those guys, he's got it, he always has had it, he's a great ring general, he's very smart in the psychology of putting together his matches, believable when he works, so definitely definitely definitely. Like I said, I could give you 3 matches that I had with him, personally that I thought were great. The Last Man Standing that we had in Dallas, the title match we had at State College where I won the title, and then the tag match with me and Benoit versus Triple H and Austin. All of them were what I would consider to be some of my best performances, some of my best matches that I ever had for sure."

The obvious note to make here is that Hart no longer has to worry about his pro wrestling career and Jericho is still an active talent who just recently made his return at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) and is likely just happy to get in on the WrestleMania party for another big payday this year.

That said, an interesting debate arose the last time this came up arguing both sides of the fence. Hart made a few good points but now Jericho has a few of his own.

Who do you agree with, Cagesiders?

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