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WWE hits 1 million subscribers on YouTube and couldn't wait to brag about it

WWE has reached an impressive milestone on its YouTube channel: 1 million subscribers. Naturally, a press release was issued so the company could brag about it.

It's been five years since WWE joined YouTube with its own channel and after a year of a full blown partnership between the two that produced many hours of exclusive original content that frequently put the channel in the top five each week, the WWEFanNation channel has officially passed 1 million subscribers.

You didn't think WWE would pass up the chance to brag about it, did you? The press release:

STAMFORD, Conn., FEBRUARY 5, 2013 - WWE on YouTube hit 1 million subscribers today, surpassing popular YouTube channels such as ESPN, HBO, Comedy Central, Discovery Networks and Apple, furthering WWE's position as one of the world's most social brands. WWE has seen a 340 percent increase in subscribers over the past year.

WWE premiered almost 30 hours of original programming in 2012 with shows such as Backstage Fallout, Outside the Ring, WWE Inbox, WWE Download and Z! True Long Island Story. Since launching its official YouTube channel in 2010, WWE has not only created dozens of hours of original programming, but also hosted exclusive matches as well as live pre-shows for its pay-per-view broadcasts. With almost a half billion views, WWE has more views than Showtime, ABC News, ESPN and UFC. In addition, WWE fans watch more than 1.5 billion WWE clips a year across YouTube.

WWE continues to be a leader in digital media. As one of the top 15 most influential brands on social media, WWE has more than 139 million combined social media followers across 10 social media network.

Impressive numbers, there's no doubting that much.

The WWE Tumblr chimed in while also sharing the second video posted on the channel:

WWE's YouTube channel just passed the million mark in subs. Thanks for the support, WWE Universe. Trust us when we tell you we're just getting warmed up. We've got hours of original and exclusive content just waiting to be posted. And to think, it all started with this clip...**

**Yeah, we know it's actually the second video we posted, but what would you rather watch, Kelly Kelly in a bathing suit or a 5-year-old No Way Out promo?

Here's the video:

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