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WrestleMania 29 match card still unclear outside of title matches

What will the WrestleMania 29 match card look like when it's all booked up? Unfortunately, watching WWE television as of late isn't giving many clues to the matter.

Heading into the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) on Feb. 17 a couple weeks ago, yours truly broke down the match card with the assumption that the basic outline of a plan for WrestleMania 29, scheduled for April 7, 2013, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, would become clear.

It didn't. Not the undercard, anyway.

The two title matches are set, with The Rock defending the WWE championship against John Cena and Alberto Del Rio defending the world heavyweight championship against Jack Swagger, but the rest of the card is up in the air.

And we're two weeks and two episodes of Monday Night Raw removed from that event.

With Triple H having returned to duke it out with Brock Lesnar, the direction for those two is clear. Undertaker's house show return in Waco, Texas, coupled with CM Punk's promo from Raw this week also gives a too-obvious-to-overlook hint on what those two will be up to.

But what about everybody else?

Bryan Alvarez gave some hints at talks in the latest edition of the Figure Four Weekly (subscription required but recommended):

Two matches discussed over the weekend for WrestleMania were Mark Henry vs. Chris Jericho and Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett. It should be noted that the belief is that there actually aren't any matches set in stone for the undercard and that plans are changing on a regular basis. Between the time we heard that report and the time we went to press, Sheamus was feuding with both Barrett and Shield on TV. One or both could lead to TV matches and Sheamus could end up with a totally different opponent come WrestleMania. Orton, at press time, had no match set in stone for Mania but is going to be on the card.

That's without mentioning next week's episode of Raw, the throwback "Old School" show, is expected to live up to its gimmick nature and feature very little storyline advancement for anyone.

Here's what we know based on TV over the past two weeks:

- Jericho is off television right now while Henry has been beefing with Great Khali.

- The Shield are still mixing it up with both Sheamus and Randy Orton, though Sheamus also has issues with Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, who has apparently forgotten about his little tiff with Bo Dallas.

- Antonio Cesaro and The Miz are still firmly entrenched in their feud.

- Kane and Daniel Bryan have been working with the Prime Time Players but aren't showing any more signs of breaking up than they have throughout their entire run together. In fact, they seem to be stuck in a bit of a holding pattern.

- Rey Mysterio is expected to be gone leading up to WrestleMania, so that leaves Sin Cara out in the cold.

- Brodus Clay and Tensai have teamed up and are doing whatever is available on any given week. The Rhodes Scholars, however, have broken up and the tag team division in general seems to be in a sad state once again.

- Ryback is just sort of floating out there, as is the man he worked with on Raw this week, Dolph Ziggler.

- Big Show is still big.

- Zack Ryder is still whining on Twitter.

Do any of you Cagesiders have any idea how the WrestleMania 29 undercard is going to look? We certainly don't.

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