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CM Punk mistreated by WWE? He's already shown up both The Rock and John Cena

Although some believe CM Punk has been facing a bit of mistreatment from WWE as of late, he's actually done something ridiculously special while few have realized as much. Allow me to explain.

Now that The Rock is back and WWE is eager to get to that rematch with John Cena as the main event of WrestleMania 29 on Sun., April 7, 2013, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, CM Punk has taken on a decidedly different role on television over the past couple months.

Instead of reigning as the WWE champion who almost never worked in the main event, he's become a top star who has been jobbing to the stars bigger than himself. To some, this appears to be the company mistreating him, as evidenced by this unedited comment in this thread just last night after Punk lost to Cena in the main event of Monday Night Raw:

I know The Streak is The Streak, but WWE has completely fucked over Punk to start the year. From holding the WWE goddamn Championship for 434 days, to now being used as a footnote for a rematch that at 70% of us don't want to fucking see in the first fucking place.

On the surface, this is true. Punk started the year feuding with The Rock and losing to him at consecutive pay-per-view (PPV) shows, first dropping the WWE title to him at Royal Rumble, then losing the rematch at Elimination Chamber. John Cena's Rumble victory led to his earning the guaranteed main event slot at WrestleMania opposite Rock but WWE booked it to where Punk would have a shot to gain that back only to job him out once more.

So, yes, Punk has been coming up short in the win-loss column but here's the thing: he's already shown up both Rock and Cena.

Sure, "The Straight Edge Superstar" lost twice in a row to "The Great One." But he did so while giving Rock two matches that were far better than the one "The Brahma Bull" managed with Cena at WrestleMania 28 last year and will likely end up being far better than what the two will do at WrestleMania 29 this year.

He also just went 30 minutes on Raw with Cena in what may have been the best match in the history of that television show. Basically, he set the bar so high, there's almost no way Rock and Cena are going to be able to pass it.

So while he may not be in the main event of WrestleMania 29, he will have overshadowed both men involved in it through his stellar performances in the weeks and months leading up to it. Plus, if his match with Undertaker comes to pass, he'll be involved in a bout at "The Grand Daddy of Them All" that will mirror Rock vs. Cena in both level of importance and actual fan interest.

Mistreated? Pfff. Punk has shown everyone up and he'll likely continue to do so.

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