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Academy Awards 2013: WWE names its best actor, actress and other honors

With the Academy Awards just one day away, WWE is getting in on the party by handing out a few honors of its own, including best actor and actress. Who are the big winners?

Thanks to Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger completely shattering kayfabe so they could take down Glenn Beck in the best way possible, we know WWE is all about being topical and relevant to current issues at hand. That's why the promotion is handing out faux Academy Awards to members of its roster that mirror those of the Oscars, which are scheduled to be handed out tomorrow night (Feb. 24, 2013) in Hollywood.

And the awards go to ...

Best Supporting Actress -- Vickie Guerrero
Best Supporting Actor -- Ricardo Rodriguez
Best Actress -- AJ Lee
Best Actor -- Paul Heyman
Lifetime Achievement -- Stone Cold Steve Austin

I agree on all counts here, if only because there really aren't many supporting roles worthy of faux nominations, so Vickie and Ricardo are both deserving. You could argue against AJ with someone like Eve Torres but she's no longer with the company, so that's out. Heyman is absolutely the best among the men and it's really not even close, so that's not even worthy of discussion. And Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Greatest Wrestler of All Time, according to our humble tournament. He deserves the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Hey, WWE got this one right all around. How about that?

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