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Jack Swagger mugshot pic after DUI arrest in Mississippi

Here's the photo of Jack Swagger's mugshot after he was arrested in Mississippi for DUI last night (Feb. 19, 2013) after leaving the SmackDown tapings in Biloxi.

That, my friends, is apparently the face of a true American, at least if we're to believe his schtick on WWE television. Yes, it's the mugshot of the one and only Jack Swagger, who was arrested just last night (Feb. 19, 2013) following the SmackDown tapings in Biloxi, Mississippi, for DUI and possession of marijuana.

To read all about that click here.

Let's get the full size version, courtesy of the folks over at


There's no telling what this will mean for Swagger's career, if anything. He's in the midst of a big push as the recently repackaged All American with twisted values and a racist manager out to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country and looking for handouts. Naturally, this has led WWE to put him opposite freshly turned babyface World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio. The two are currently penciled in to work a match for that title at WrestleMania 29, the biggest show of the year, on April 7 in New Jersey.

Assuming WWE is fully committed to this push, that likely won't change. But if the decision is made to bring down the hammer, there are plenty of other options for Del Rio.


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