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WWE 'Elimination Chamber 2013' results & live match coverage TONIGHT (Feb. 17) from NOLA

Get complete results and live coverage of every match on tonight's (Feb. 17, 2013) WWE "Elimination Chamber 2013" pay-per-view (PPV) event from New Orleans, Louisiana, featuring The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk for the WWE championship, and more!

WWE Elimination Chamber is all set to pop off tonight (Sun., Feb. 17, 2013) from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana, at 8 p.m. ET, live on pay-per-view. will provide LIVE blow-by-blow, match-by-match coverage of Elimination Chamber below, beginning with the first match of the evening during the pre-show, and right on through to the main event.

Tonight's show will feature one of the most epic types of gimmick matches in all of professional wrestling, as the ring will be set up for the Elimination Chamber.

The undercard features The Rock defending his recently stolen WWE championship against CM Punk in a much anticipated rematch, Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. The Big Show for the world heavyweight championship, a #1 Contender Elimination Chamber Match for WM 29 with Swagger v Jericho v D-Bry v Kane v Henry v Orton, a Diva's Championship match between Kaitlyn and Tamina, Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz for the US Championship gold -- and of course the highly hyped six-man tag team match featuring The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) vs. Ryback, John Cena & Sheamus.

The Pre-Show will feature 'Team No Name Yet vs. The Rhodes Scholars' (Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes) a half hour prior to the beginning of the PPV. Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



• The Rock ( c) defeated CM Punk
• Alberto Del Rio ( c) defeated The Big Show
• Jack Swagger defeated Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Kane, Mark Henry, and Randy Orton
• The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) defeated Ryback, John Cena & Sheamus
• Kaitlyn (c ) defeated Tamina Snuka
• Antonio Cesaro ( c) defeated The Miz
• Brodus Clay & Tensai defeated Team Rhodes Scholars


Rex here. Let's get it together right back here, tonight!

When it will be time to mark out with your snark out!


Time for you the Youtube pre-show.

Sandow says that he is back with Cody Rhodes because of popular demand. Rhodes says they were able to cut through the red tape to get back together.

Clay and Tensai make their way to the ring. Tensai appears to have a newsboy cap on. Nice and humorous touch.

Rhodes Scholars vs Brodus Clay and Tensai

Clay and Sandow start things off.

After getting hit with a punch, Sandow bails on the ring.

He gets back in and tags in Rhodes, who calls out Tensai and Clay obliges by tagging him in.

Tensai knocks Rhodes down in the corner of the ring and goes up top for a splash. He does the cabbage patch though and Rhodes gets time to recover.

Cody is able to hit the Disaster Kick and tags in Sandow.

After some offense, Sandow tags Rhodes back in who beats up Tensai while he is trapped in the ropes.

Tensai counters and goes for his senton but Rhodes dodges and tags in Sandow.

Sandow with the Russian Leg Sweep and Elbow of Disdain.

Tensai recovers and both men get tags in.

Clay his a big splash in the corner on Rhodes.

He tries to follow up with a suplex but Sandow interferes.

Tensai then gets involved and they clear out Sandow.

Rhodes gets hit with a double splash for the pin.

Brodus Clay and Tensai win by pinfall.

The dance in the ring to celebrate.


World Heavyweight Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs Big Show

Big Show with some early punches to the gut of Del Rio. Follows it up with some big chops to Del Rio.

Big Show with knees and elbows in the middle of the ring follow up by a big slam.

Del Rio tries to fight back but it doesn't last long.

Big Show goes for a big boot but Del Rio counters and starts landing some kicks of his oown.

Del Rio with a superkick to a kneeling Big Show and gets a two count.

Tries for the armbar but gets countered and eats a big spear.

Big Show is taking it to Del Rio with a huge clothesline and begins to taunt Ricardo.

This gives time for Del Rio to recover and get some leg kicks in. He ends up eating a big boot though.

Big Show hits a huge second rope splash on Del Rio but only gets a two count.

Big Show tries to pick up Del Rio but gets countered into an armbar.

After about thirty second Big Show is able to get to the ropes for the break.

Del Rio goes up to but gets caught into a bear hug.

Big Show goes and tosses Ricardo's bucket away.

Show goes to hit a power slam on Big Show but Del Rio counters into a hurricarana.

Show rolls to the outside and Del Rio hits a suicide dive.

Big Show barely makes it back into the ring in time.

Del Rio hits a seated senton.

Del Rio tries to follow up but Big Show is able to hit the chokeslam but only gets the two count.

Big Show gets the WMD ready but Del Rio rolls out of the ring. Show follows and tosses him back in the ring.

Del Rio tries for a roll up and fails. Big Show picks him up but Del Rio counters into a DDT. Two count.

Del Rio hits an enzinguri for the nearfall.

Del Rio is able to lock in the armbar. Big Show is able to fight his way up and slam Del Rio.

Big Show gets the WMD ready but Ricardo distracts and eats a kick for his trouble.

Big Show with the bucket and Del Rio goes for the enziguri. Slips and misses the first one. Hits a second one on the bucket and into Big Show's head.

Superkick and then a armbar. Show taps!

Alberto Del Rio retains as World Heavyweight Champion by submission.

Good match to start things off with tonight.


United States Championship: Antonio Cesaro vs Miz

Miz has his left shoulder taped up.

Miz opens up with some punches but gets tossed out of the apron. He slides back in and goes for a roll up. One count.

Cesaro takes back control and is working the should. He lands a shoulder breaker and follows up with kicks to the shoulder.

Cesaro working a chicken wing on the shoulder. Miz fights out and hits a rollup but once again doesn't get the three count.

Cesaro takes back control and continues working the shoulder. He has the arm isolated and is chaning holds on it together that ends with a scissor on the arm.

Miz is able to roll himself out.

Cesaro with a double stomp on the shoulder and slams it into the bottom rope.

Working another hold on the shoulder but Miz finally fights out and Cesaro eats a big boot.

Miz with kicks in the corner to Cesaro and follows up with a running clothesline.

Miz goes up top for the double axe handle but gets countered into a shoulder lock.

Miz rolls out and is able to get Cesaro out of the ring.

Miz heads to the apron and goes for a splash. Cesaro catches him but Miz counters and throws Cesaro into the ring.

They make it back to the ring and Miz hits a DDT.

Miz goes for the Figure Four but Cesaro fights it. Miz knees Cesaro and Cesaro is claiming he got hit in the groin.

The ref takes Cesaro's claim as truth and Miz gets DQed.

Antonio Cesaro wins by DQ and retains as United States Champion.

After the match, Miz kicks Cesaro in the groin.


In the back and Kane is pacing back and forth. Daniel Bryan comes in and asks why Bryan is giving him the silent treatment. They start bickering.Bryan proposes they watch each others back in the chamber match until its just the two of them and they hug it out.


Elimination Chamber Match

Swagger out first and he has the mic. Puts over Zeb Coulter and says that he speaks the truth and hands the mic over. Coulter starts talking about Jefferson and the Louisana Purchase. Says that Jefferson would be ashamed of what New Orleans and Louisana has become. Says that WWE and the US are the same- full of excuse makers, panderers, and intruders. He is disappointed that he fought for America, only to see it become full of illegal immigrants.

Kane, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, and Chris Jericho make their way to the chamber without incident or promo time.

Jericho and Daniel Bryan are starting things off.

Bryan and Jericho will some excellent chain wrestling to start things off.

The series ends with Bryan trying to lock in the No Lock. Jericho fights out and tries for the Walls.

Bryan is able to roll through and launch Jericho to the corner. He follows up with kicks in the corner.

They make their way out onto the steel grating and Jericho sling shots Bryan into the cage.

They make it back into the middle of the ring and Jericho hits a big slam.

Jack Swagger enters the match now.

Swagger goes straight after Jericho and ends up hitting the Swagger Bomb.

He now goes after Bryan and picks up and drives him into the cage twice.

After working Bryan over some more, Swagger heads back to the ring and JEricho is waiting for him.

Jericho takes control and is working Swagger over in the corner. Jericho is finally able to take back control and tosses Jericho out into the cage wall.

Swagger is using the cage to his advantage against Swagger but Daniel Bryan finally gets involved with a running knee.

Bryan and Jericho in the ring. Bryan drops Jericho and goes up top for the flying headbutt. Jericho rolls away.

Kane enters the match now and starts to take it to Jericho and then Swagger. He hits a splash on both of them in the corner. Kane then whips Daniel Bryan into the corner and he hits a Dropkick,

Bryan tries to roll up Kane but fails. Kane looks shocked as Bryan is pleading with him to maintain his cool.

Bryan offers a hug and Kane shakes his head. Dueling Yes and No chants between them now.

Bryan shoves Kane in the face and eats a punch.

Bryan hits a dropkick on Kane and follows up with kicks.

Kane fights out of a No Lock attempt and hits the sidewalk slam.

Kane goes up top but Bryan follows him up there. Bryan tries for the superplex but Jericho interferes.

Bryan on Jericho's shoulders now and Kane hits a Clothesline from the top rope on him.

Swagger goes for the pin on Bryan put only gets a two count.

Randy Orton in the match now.

He goes after Swagger and Jericho.

Orton clotheslines Swagger over the top rope and onto the steel.

Kane gets involved now and after some quick offense gets dropkicked by Orton.

Kane goes for the chokeslam on Orton on the steel but Orton counters and shoves him into the cage.

Orton follows up with the draping DDT on Kane into the steel grate.

Orton and Jericho hit superplexes on Swagger and Bryan respectively in opposite corners.

Everyone in the ring is laid out and Henry is beating on his pod in anticipation.

After another thirty second and Mark Henry is in the match now.

World's Strongest Slam on Daniel Bryan for the pin.

Daniel Bryan eliminated.

Henry goes to Orton and throws him through the class of one of the pods.

Kane and Henry trading punches in the ring now.

Kane takes control and hits running splashes on Henry in the corner. He goes up top now for the diving clothesline but Henry catches him and hits the World Strongest Slam for the pin!

Kane eliminated.

Henry turns his attention to Jericho now.

Swagger gets involved now and they hit a double team suplex on Henry onto the steel grate.

Jericho and Swagger trading slams in the ring after they recover.

Swagger tries for the gut wrench power bomb but Jericho counters and goes for the Walls. Swagger prevents it but Jericho hits a running bulldog.

Jericho for the Lionsault but Henry grabs him and launches him into the cage.


He press slams Jericho back into the ring right on top of Swagger.

Jericho laying on top of Swagger and Henry goes to the second rope for a splash.

Both are able to roll up.

Swagger hits a big boot, Jericho gets the codebreaker, and Orton comes out of nowhere to hit the RKO for the pin.

Mark Henry eliminated.

Henry makes his way out of the chamber but thinks again and heads back in. He hits the World's Strongest Slam on everyone before Booker and Teddy Long come down to tell him to leave.

Jericho and Orton teaming up on Swagger when they all recover. They toss Swagger shoulder first into a pod.

Orton takes control over Jericho. After some impressive chain wrestling Orton gets a nearfall on Jericho.

Swagger makes his way back in. While Orton is distracted by Swagger, Jericho springboards himself off the second rope into a dropkick on Orton.

Jericho tries to hit the Codebreaker on Swagger but gets countered into a belly to bell suplex.

Swagger puts the Patriot Act on Swagger but Jericho hits him with an enziguiri.

Swagger gets the Patriot Act on Jericho but Jericho counters into a Walls attempt.

Orton interferes.

Swagger sent to the steel grate by Orton with Jericho.

Orton hits a double draping DDT.

Jericho counters the RKO and goes for a Lionsault but gets countered. Orton hits the RKO for the pin but Swagger then rolls up Orton for the pin and the win!

Jericho eliminated.

Orton eliminated.

Jack Swagger wins and is the number one contender for the WHC.


The Shield vs Cena/Ryback/Sheamus

As Shield makes their way to the ring, the face attack.

Ambrose and Sheamus start things off.

Sheamus takes early control and ends up in the forearm spot of Sheamus. Sheamus undoes his vest part way through.

Ambrose stumbles to the floor and Sheamus hit a dive to Rollins before tossing Ambrose back in.

Reigns stares down Sheamus which is enough for Ambrose to recover and baseball slide to Sheamus.

Ambrose tags in Reigns.

Reigns takes it to Sheamus and then tags in Rollins. The Shield hits Sheamus with a triple team move.

Rollins works over Sheamus in the corner and Ambrose tags in.

Ambrose gets some offense in before eating a Brogue kick.

Reigns and Cena get tagged in.

Cena takes early control but Reigns fights back.

Huge slam on Cena and he tags in Ambrose.

Ambrose gets some shots in on Cena before tagging in Rollins.

Rollins with repeated punches to Cena and then hits a big drop kick on him.

Rollins hits a diving clothesline on Cena in the corner.

Rollins tags in Ambrose, who proceeds to hit a headbutt on Cena and then just slaps him.

Reigns gets tagged in.

Ambrose kneels down before Cena in the corner and Rollins launches himself of Ambrose into Cena. Rollins than whips Cena into a huge clothesline from Reigns.

Reigns goes for the pin but Sheamus gets in to break it up.

Reigns working a chin lock on Cena.

Cena takes a long time to finally work his out and hits a suplex on Reigns.

Reigns takes back control and tags in Ambrose.

Ambrose hits a neckbreaker for the near fall. He follows it up with a head scissors on Cena.

Cena is able to stand up with Ambrose locked in but Ambrose is able to hit a big DDT.

Ambrose tries to follow up when Cena recovers but gets tossed to the outside.

Ambrose gets the tag to Rollins but Cena gets the hot tag to Ryback who clears house with some huge slams and back body drops on Rollins and Ambrose.

He tries to follow up but Reigns gets involved. Now Sheamus has entered the fray.

It spills to the outside and Reigns speared Sheamus through the barrier!

They get ready to hit their team powerbomb on Ryback but Cena gets involved.

Cena hits the AA on Ambrose and Ryback goes for Shellshock on Rollins but gets speared by Reigns for the pin and win!

The Shield wins by pinfall!


Ziggler out to the ring now with Big E and AJ Lee.

He doesn't get far into his promo before Booker T interrupts him.

Booker books Kofi vs Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi hits a big launch in the corner and Ziggler sells it like death.

Kofi goes to follow up but Ziggler counters and tosses him into the ring post.

Ziggler working a headlock in that eventually transitions into a sleeper hold.

Kofi is able to fight out and send Ziggler to the outside.

Kofi tries for a suicide dive but Ziggler dodges and Kofi ends up hitting Big E.

Big E tries to get involved when they get back to the ring but ref stops him and AJ hits the apron.

Ziggler almost runs into her and eats a Trouble in Paradise because of it.

Ziggler gets pulled out of the pin attempt by Big E.

Kofi springboards himself to the outside and hits Big E.

Back in the ring and Kofi goes up top. Ziggler meets up there and brings him back down hard.

Hits the Zig Zag for the win.

Dolph Ziggler wins by pinfall.

After the match Ziggler and AJ head to the back as Big E assaults Kingstonfor a god few minutes.


Divas Championship: Kaitlyn (c) vs Tamina

Kaitlyn takes early control and goes for a roll up for the near fall.

Kaitlyn hits a neck breaker and then drop kicks Tamina out of the ring.

Tamina is back in the ring and Kaitlyn is on the apron. Tamina throws Kaitlyn into the ring post.

Tamina tosses Kaitlyn back in the ring and hits a huge kick on her for the near fall.

Tamina hits a back drop on Kaitlyn and heads up to the top rop.

Superfly splash but Kaitlyn rolls out of the way and follows up wit ha spear for the win.

Kaitlyn wins and retains as Divas Champion.


WWE Championship: Rock (c) vs Punk

Remember if Rock gets DQed or counted out the title will change hands.

Punk comes out and he still has the title that he stole on Monday.

Rock comes out and finally the match gets started.

They circle each other for a good minute and Punk goes for a leg kick but misses.

They start circling each other again for a while and they finally lock up.

Punk hits a should block on Rock and starts flexing as they walk around the ring some more.

Punk with a side head lock and Rock whips him into the ropes but eats another shoulder block.

Rock with a couple of arm drags but then Punk bails to the outside.

Punk back in and they are just staring each other down.

Punk slaps the Rock and Rock is going after Punk with punches in the corner.

The ref keeps pulling him off and is threatening to DQ Rock.

Punk spits in the face of the Rock now and eats a big clotheslines. Rock tosses Punk to the outside and whips him into the barricade and follows up with a clothesline.

He then slams Punk's head onto the announcing table.

They make it back into the ring and Punk takes control with a swinging neck breaker.

He locks in a chin lock on Rock. Rock tries to get to his feet but Punk uses the tights to drag him back down.

Punk lets go of the hold and hits some elbow drops on Rock before locking the chin lock in again.

Rock fights out but eats a drop kick.

Punk with a suplex on Rock and then goes back to the chin lock.

Rock fights out again and is able to get some punches in before eating a kick to the head. Punk then launches himself from the apron and hits Rock with a diving clothesline.

Punk goes right back to the chin lock.

After a minute or so Rock fnally fights out and hitting Punk with punches in the center of the ring and the corner.

Rock gets warned by the ref again and Punk uses the chance to hit a flying knee.

Hits the clothesline on Rock and then goes up to the top rope. He checks his HR on the turnbuckle before hits the flying elbow for the near fall.

Punk tosses Rock to the outside and begins to dissemble the Spanish Announce Table.

Rock recovers though and tosses Punk back in the ring.

Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but Punk counters and hits the kick to the head.

Back to the outside and Punk hits the Rock Bottom onto the Spanish Announce Table and runs back to the ring. The table didn't break. Yes, Punk hit the Rock Bottom.

Rock trying to make his way back to the ring and barely makes it in on time.

Punk greats him with punches and takes time to taunt the fans.

Rock ends up hitting the Somoan Drop on Punk.

Both men makes their way back to their feet and are trading haymakers now.

Punk whips Rock into the ropes but eats a flying clothesline. Rock follows up with a DDT.

Rock goes for the Rock Bottom but Punk counters with a ton of elbows.

Punk goes up top and goes for a flying clothesline but gets caught with a Rock Bottom. Two count.

Punk rolls out of the ring but Rock follows him and drags him back in.

Punk whips Rock and the ref gets knocked out.

Punk hits the GTS but the ref is still out on the outside.

Another ref comes to the ring but keeps checking on the ref and not the action in the ring.

Punk goes for a second GTS but Rock counters and hits a spinebuster then People's Elbow. Two count.

Punk rolled up onto the second official's ankle and he is down on the outside now. Punk hits Rock with a kick to the head and ask for Heyman to get him the belt.

Heyman picks Rock up and Punk tries to hit Rock with the title but Rock dodges and Punk hits Heyman.

Rock hits the Rock Bottom and the original ref makes his way into the ring for the three count.

Rock wins and retains as WWE Champion.

And that's all folks. See tomorrow for Raw




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