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Pornstar Kendra Lust denies having an affair with WWE star John Cena

Some juicy rumors have been floating through the pro wrestling space, namely that John Cena had an affair with a pornstar named Kendra Lust and that's what caused his divorce from his now ex-wife Liz. But Lust has issued a statement to Cageside Seats denying the affair.

Kendra Lust with the WWE championship.
Kendra Lust with the WWE championship.

Recently, a rumor started circulating on pro wrestling message boards that the reason WWE mega-star John Cena divorced his wife, Elizabeth, was a year long affair with a porn star named Kendra Lust.

The allegations, coming by way of

"John Cena's ex wife Elizabeth Huberdeau has revealed the reason why the couple split. She says Cena cheated on her with a porn star by the name of Kendra Lust. Cena apparently met this woman at the gym and they hit it off. Cena had sex with Kendra Lust for a period of 1 year. Viewing Lust's Twitter posts confirms this story and the WWE is now scrambling to keep this story under wraps. The WWE has already threatened Elizabeth Huberdeau with a lawsuit and has asked Kendra Lust to delete her Twitter account."

There has been nothing of note to confirm this and it's likely the only reason this is getting any play is that Cena is such a polarizing figure in the pro wrestling world and sites like TMZ ran a few stories from his ex-wife's lawyers making it seem as though Cena had been unfaithful and it would be a major sticking point in how the divorce played out.

Surprisingly enough, all has been quiet on that front and nothing too scandalous ever came out. Until now, of course, with these latest allegations seemingly coming from nowhere.

We reached out to Kendra for a statement on the matter and received the following response:

"I want to clear the air about my involvement with WWE Superstar John Cena. Although I am a huge fan of John Cena and his great moves in the ring, he has never used them on me personally. I've been a fan of wrestling since I was a kid, but the closest I've ever been to John Cena was in the audience at Monday Night Raw. This is just an internet rumor with no merit. I wish him the best of luck and do not wish to cause any conflict in his marriage."

That would seem to clear that up.

Are we satisfied?

For those who are curious about Lust and would like to check out her work -- and we're sure you Cagesiders are -- you can click here, here, here, here, and here. It should be noted that some of that is absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK.


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