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Lists! Records! '' begins hype for Sunday's Elimination Chamber

WWE's website kicks off the festivities for this weekend's pay-per-view (PPV) and attempts to build a Royal Rumble-esque aura around the match itself by unveiling its ranking of the most vicious spots to have occurred in the structure, and some statistics from previous contests.

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The Royal Rumble is a fan favorite, landmark date on the WWE calendar, both for the event and eponymous match. This is in no small part due to the memorable moments that shine in each annual contest, and the pseudo-sabermetric record-keeping to which a large-scale elimination match lends itself.

With the move toward only featuring the Elimination Chamber Match concept at the Elimination Chamber PPV, as well as placing that event after the Rumble, and before Wrestlemania, on their annual slate, WWE is positioning the February show in a similar way. The company's web site is joining in the push with a few of their well-produced, click-inducing list articles.

First, they offered up their Ten Most Vicious Moments. The spots are presented without ranking, rather than in the form of a top ten:

  1. Kane launches Chris Jericho through the pod plexiglass - Survivor Series, 2002
  2. RVD crushes HHH's larynx with a five-star frog splash off a pod - Survivor Series, 2002
  3. Goldberg spears Jericho through a pod - SummerSlam, 2003
  4. Kurt Angle delivers a belly-to-belly suplex to Shawn Michaels onto the steel floor - New Year's Revolution, 2006
  5. Undertaker chokeslams MVP from a pod top - No Way Out, 2008
  6. Undertaker chokeslams Finlay onto the steel floor - No Way Out, 2008
  7. Randy Orton with the rope-assisted DDT onto the steel floor to Sheamus - Elimination Chamber, 2011
  8. John Cena's Attitude Adjustment to Ted DiBiase onto the steel breaks his tailbone - Elimination Chamber, 2010
  9. Edge launches Rey Mysterio through the pod plexiglass - No Way Out, 2009
  10. Kofi Kingston leaps from top rope to cage wall to hit a tornado DDT on Dolph Ziggler onto the steel floor - Elimination Chamber, 2012

Short video clips of each can be found on with the story itself.

In a more overt call-out to their marketing of the Rumble, another article presents the Chamber match By The Numbers. Six statistics, or records, are discussed:

  1. MOST ELIMINATIONS (All-Time): Y2J has eliminated ten men in his seven appearances. HHH is second with seven eliminations.
  2. MOST WINS: HHH has won four of the six Chambers in which he's participated. Cena is second with three wins, followed by Edge with two. No other performer has ever been a repeat winner.
  3. BEST ENTRY POSITION: The fifth person released from their pod has won the match five times. The next most successful were those released first and last, with three wins a piece.
  4. DEBUT RECORDS: Five men have won their debut appearance in the Chamber, including HBK when he won the very first match at Survivor Series '02.
  5. MOST ELIMINATIONS (Single Match): Goldberg, Carlito and Undertaker have each eliminated three men in a single match. Only Taker went on to win the Chamber.
  6. CONVERSION RATE: This year will be the fourth time the Chamber winner has earned a title shot. Of the previous three, only Undertaker won his title match back in '08.

How about you, Cagesiders? Is the Chamber approaching Rumble-levels of mystique? What were your favorite Elimination Chamber moments? Are there other stats or records they could keep that would interest you?

Let us know in the comments, and keep your browser on cSs for all the news and insight on Sunday's Elimination Chamber.

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