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The Undertaker rumored to appear at tonight's (Feb. 2) WWE 'Monday Night Raw'

WWE Superstar The Undertaker was spotted at the Nashville Predators game last night (Feb. 10) at the Bridgestone Arena, the same exact location where tonight's (Feb. 11) WWE "Monday Night Raw" will be taking place. Does this mean we will see the return of "The Deadman?" Or is it just a strange coincidence?

What's more fun in pro wrestling than wild speculation? Nothing, that's what. So let's jump right in!

The Undertaker, who still has not committed to working WrestleMania 29, was in attendance to watch the Nashville Predators play last night (Feb. 10) at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. according to a tweet sent by Nashville sports reporter Jon Burton:

There are also a few pictures floating around of Taker posing with Gnash, the Predators' mascot -- which you can see above -- and a few very lucky ladies:



What's the significance of all this, you may ask?

Why, that is exactly where tonight's (Feb. 11) Monday Night Raw will be taking place!

What could this possibly mean for "The Deadman?" He could possibly be setting up his eventual match at WrestleMania. Or perhaps he will be staying away from in ring action and will play more of a managerial role for the younger talent.

Or it could mean absolutely nothing. That's the most exciting thing about off the wall rumors; no one knows what is going on!

What say you, dear Cagesiders. Are you excited for the potential return of The Undertaker? Any angles you want to see go down tonight? Or do you just want old C.J. to shut up and quit ruining all the fun surprises?

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