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CM Punk reportedly hurt at house show by Miz but should be okay to wrestle The Rock at Elimination Chamber

Reports are coming out from a house show in Springfield, Missouri, last night (Feb. 9, 2013) that The Miz injured CM Punk on a botched suplex at a house show.

Ed Webster

The Miz has gone and done it again, folks.

Almost a year to the day that R-Truth only narrowly avoided serious injury thanks to Miz's carelessness, word is coming out of a WWE house show in Springfield, Missouri, just last night (Feb. 9, 2013) that he managed to botch a suplex on top star CM Punk that hurt the former WWE champion.

It's not believed to be severe based on reports from the Wrestling Observer and but after getting dropped on his head, Punk apparently went to the wrong corner and received immediate medical care right there in the ring.

No word on whether or not Miz received the same dressing down in the locker room from Triple H as he did when R-Truth was injured or if he's got backstage heat with "the boys" now because of it.

It would certainly be understandable. After all, we're just a week away from Punk taking on The Rock in the main event of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view (PPV) on Feb. 17 in New Orleans, a match that will not only pop a good buyrate at the box office but will set up the official WrestleMania 29 main event.

And all this just weeks after Ric Flair gave Miz the Figure Four to help him get over.

Tsk tsk.

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