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Video: Top 10 'shocking upsets' in WWE history

WWE names the top 10 "shocking upsets" in history in its latest countdown video. You might be surprised what made number one.

With Bo Dallas having been brought up to the main roster with a shocking elimination of Wade Barrett in the Royal Rumble match followed by a victory over Barrett on a subsequent episode of Monday Night Raw, has quickly taken advantage with another countdown of the top 10 shocking upsets in history.

The list:

10. Rey Mysterio def. Kurt Angle, Randy Orton at WrestleMania 22
9. Bo Dallas def. Wade Barrett on Raw
8. Maria Menounos def. Beth Phoenix on Raw
7. Rico def. Ric Flair on Raw
6. Maven def. Undertaker on SmackDown
5. Hurricane def. The Rock on Raw
4. Duane Gill def. Christian on Raw
3. Mikey Whipwreck def. Steve Austin at November to Remember
2. The Lightning Kid def. Razor Ramon on Raw
1. Barry Horowitz def. Skip on The Action Zone

Thoughts on the list? Surprised Kid's win wasn't number one?

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